Transport and Logistics
"logistics is not today's science,
it is very ancient,
of military origin:
if an army moved along
in the wrong way,
and with insufficient means,
it lost the war"

Ennio Forte
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Thanks to our strong knowledge of new reticular economy and of the most modern  information and telematic systems for integrated and distributive logistics, we of the group AF operate the simplification, the rationalization and the monitoring of operating flows. We carry out and control every phase of the flow of our goods, from GDO (Great Distribution Organization) to BtoC (Business to Customer) and correlated services. We offer strategic supervising solutions and the restructuring of distribution organization at several levels, according to your needs and the whole logistic die.

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We care about planning and transports,  about the warehouse organization and  running, if necessary directly at your  plants, taking over your existing structures and resources. We offer you specific interventions, personal and flexible services  directed to the the best efficiency of each single phase of the distribution cycle. We offer you solutions for your locations, through  high yield energetic buildings, according to the most innovating production methods and use of alternative energy.
At AF group we are highly specialized in the most efficient techniques about storage, ventila-

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tion and  handling charge within the logistics of deep-frozen and fresh food (meat, fruits and vegetables, fish, sausages like salami etc., dairy products, etc.) and about dry food, etc. (non-food, bazaar, fabric, etc.). We enjoy warehouses equipped with high quality machines, managed through the most innovating computer systems,  which allow us a competitive organization of our activities. We can warrant you the highest trustworthiness and flexibility for a correct acquisition, movement and management of our materials, as well as a perfect promptness and transport control.

magazzini   Our fleet includes:
190 tractors
55 engines
290 truck trailers

Our car fleet is normally controlled and renewed, so it is always technologically updated,  and more and more environmentally friendly. The new trucks making part of our fleet are Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 (60 means). At the same time we give importance to electric vehicles. Our alarm systems and the constant control of the location of our means of transportation through our satellite-controlled anti theft device, permit us to offer you a reliable service.  


Our efficient national and international transport and warehouse network offers us the possibility of  operating on the different levels of our logistics on a large scale economical system. Good “order” - as its etymology says -  means  minor waste. Good charge strategies imply transport reduction costs.  That is why we of AF think of offering you a really efficient and competitive logistic service.

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Our contacts:

S.p. 23, Loc. Cascina Postino 26815.  Lodi.
Tel. 0371 780601

Via Carlo Pezzini 105, 26015. Cremona.
Tel. 0374 349919

Strada decima 44, 10143.
Tel. 011 0269150

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Via Fabbri 40, 40050 Funo di Argelato, C/O Centergross.
Tel. 051 860174

Via Stradello 35, 48100
Tel. 0544 298011

Strada caduti del lavoro 13, 60131.
Tel. 051 860174

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ortofrutticolo, Bolzaneto.
Tel. 010 7409135

1/3 rue Pierre Josse, 91070. Tel. 0033 169916273

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Rue Fernand le Fee Z.A. Vergers Du Quicangrogne, 27310.
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